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Canvey Concrete Pumping's lorry

If you're working on a building project, whatever the size, you'll need high quality concrete. If it's for an area that's difficult to access, that traditionally involves wheelbarrows. It's laborious work, and a lot of time is wasted going backwards and forwards with the barrow.


Time costs money on a building project. Canvey Concrete Pumping have a better and quicker way. We use lorry-mounted pumps to pour concrete directly into those difficult to reach areas. That saves you time and money. Call us for a free quote today.

Complete concrete pumping services

Concrete is tough and durable. It's the perfect start to a building project, and it can be used to reinforce structures. Our highly trained and experienced staff are concrete experts. We can advise you on what's possible, and how to overcome difficulties.


We can supply any mix of concrete to suit your requirements. This can be provided in a traditional drum mixer or can be supplied via one of our volumetric lorries, which will batch the concrete on site as you require it. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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