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As part of our continued commitment to the concrete pumping industry, we are now able to offer static pump hire for short or long term projects.


We now have a range of pumps for hire.

Brand new trailer pump hire service

•  Output to 30 cubic yards per hour

•  Pressure to 642 psi

•  1.0" Maximum Aggregate Size


Take advantage of our brand new trailer pump hire service today. Call now:

01268 692 808

SP305 small mobile pump

•  Output to 45 cubic yards per hour

•  Pressure to 1100 psi

•  1.5" Maximum Aggregate Size

SP500 medium mobile pump

•  Output to 54 m³/hr

•  Pressure to 76 bar

•  Up to 75 kW

WP750 - The largest of our static concrete pumps

The SP 305 is the logical upgrade from a ball-valve pump. Hydraulically driven components apply up to 625 psi on the material to achieve impressive horizontal and vertical distances. The SP 305 will provide fast return on your investment when you take on more projects thanks to the pump's ability to handle up to one-inch aggregate mixes. The lightweight and compact size of this pump makes it very portable for multiple pours in a day. Ease of operation makes the 305 a great entry-level pump that integrates into most contracting companies.


Rely on the 305 to expand your pumping horizons handling grout for block-fill, shotcrete and concrete. Many concrete contractors rely on the 305’s ability to handle a variety of mixes while providing output to handle the majority of job requirements. Standard features include LED taillights and aluminium wheels for low maintenance and upgraded looks.

Small trailer pump Medium trailer pump Large trailer pump

Invest in an all-hydraulic concrete pump that incorporates big pump features into a compact, economical package. The SP 500 is an excellent entry-level, all-round performer, pumping grout, shotcrete and structural concrete horizontally and vertically with output to 45 yards per hour and 1100 psi.


The full range of capabilities means high utilisation of your pump and fast return on your investment when you say “Yes” to the majority of projects. One call to a Schwing dealer or company store puts you in touch with pumping expertise and a full range of accessories so you are ready for new pumping challenges and profits.


Because your SP model is patterned on larger Schwing models, you are guaranteed legendary reliability that has been proven on thousands of projects. Whether your pump is your livelihood or part of a larger equipment fleet, purchase with the confidence that only a Schwing can provide.

The WP 750 is a hydraulically driven, twin-cylinder piston pump, equipped with the field-proven Rock Valve, and is designed to pump concrete with 38mm maximum aggregate size as well as wet screeds, mortar, foamed concrete, sludge, etc. The base frame has a single axle for 6 km/hr site towing.


The heart of the concrete pump is the Rock Valve, patented in almost all industrialised countries and offering exemplary pumping characteristics, wearing properties and operational reliability.

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